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Manichudar Tamil daily completes 26 years

Manichudar Tamil daily, the mouthpiece of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), successfully completed 26 years of its service. A souvenir, marking the occasion, was released here recently.
Launched in 1987, the newspaper functions with three main objectives, said Manichudar editor and president of Tamil Nadu State IUML, K M Kader Mohideen. According to him, news related to Islam was reported in different parts of the world and preference was given to IUML’s activities and communal harmony.
Quotes from Quran, sayings by prophets, Shariat laws and information related to Muslim culture were the other areas of focus, he added.
On communal harmony, Kader Mohideen said, the newspaper does not sensationalise news. “For instance, take the case of the Babri Masjid demolition. Even as many political parties had sensationalised it, we were of the view that it was an issue related to a civil matter. Though we reported the story in our paper, it was not sensationalised,” he stated.
Besides, the four-page daily has a column titled Sinthanai Kalangiyam (treasure of thoughts), which deals with observations and quotes of noted personalities and citations from the holy books of other religions.
“We quote the sayings from religious books including Bhagavad Gita and the point of view of various people that also appear in leading Tamil and English newspapers,” he added.
Mohideen also said that the online version of the newspaper, which was launched two years ago, is widely read by people across the globe. “We receive feedback from readers throughout the world, who closely follow Manichudar’s e-paper including Hong Kong and Europe,” he said.


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